West Henshaw Property

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The West Henshaw Unit is located in Eddy County, New Mexico in the Delaware basin.  Eddy County is in Southeast New Mexico.  It is bounded by Chaves County to the north, Otero County to the east, Loving County, Texas to the south, and Lea County to the west.  Eddy County covers 4,198 square miles.  The Unit is 12 miles northeast of Loco Hills, New Mexico.

The West Henshaw Premier Unit was formed in January 1, 1966, with Mobil Oil Corporation as the operator.  At unitization, primary production was 1,735 MBO and included 41 producing oil wells.  The waterflood began December 1, 1966 and lasted 14 years.  Estimated waterflood production is 2,500 MBO.  Currently, there are 2 producing wells, seven shut-in wells and four saltwater disposal wells.

Permex plans to restore production from the current producing wells, while stimulating the wells with acid treatments. Permex also plans to study the Bone Springs and lower Wolfcamp potential on the West Henshaw Unit in addition to the plans to drill additional Premier sand wells.

Permex holds a 100% Working Interest in the lease, and a 72% Net Revenue Interest.

The West Henshaw Unit covers 1,880 acres HBP.  Current production is from the Premier or basal Grayburg sand of Permian age.  It is located at an average depth of 2,850 feet.  The producing reservoir is a stratigraphic trap.  The initial spacing was 40 acres, however Permex now can use 10-acre spacing on this unit.

The West Henshaw Unit is in the Delaware Basin where deeper potential in the Bone Springs and Wolfcamp zones are exploited.  Several of the better target zones occur in the Northern Delaware Basin, e.g., Wolfcamp A-X, Y and Z sand intervals.  The Bone Springs are also best developed in the Northern Delaware Basin.

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